Below are several Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.), and answers, about The Squeeze Inn.  If there is a question you have, that is not answered here, please Contact Us and we will add it to the list.  Thank you.

About the Restaurants:

  • Q:  What is the Squeeze Inn?
    A:  The Squeeze Inn is a Sacramento Burger joint famous for it’s huge burger and cheese skirt.
  • Q:  Why is it called “The Squeeze Inn”?
    A:  The original restaurant is very small, and you literally “squeezed in” to get your food.
  • Q:  How long has the Squeeze Inn been around?
    A:  The restaurant itself has been around for over 30 years with several owners and locations.
  • Q:  Who owns the Squeeze Inn?
    A:  The current owner is the Hausauer family, all of whom are involved in the restaurants.
  • Q:  Why was the original restaurant so small?
    A:  The restaurant used to be the entrance to a waffle house.  Where coats and hats used to be hung. It was coverted, and served great food from that point forward.
  • Q:  How many people can fit in the Squeeze Inn?
    A:  Inside the original building itself there are 12 stools at the bar. But, we now have several locations that can seat many more.
  • Q:  Can I bring my family to the Squeeze Inn?
    A:  Absolutely, the atmosphere is fun and staff friendly, we even offer a Kids menu at our Galt and West Sacramento location.
  • Q:  How many locations do you have?
    A:  We have these locations. The Sacramento original, our Galt location, Napa, Roseville, West Sacramento, Midtown Sacramento, Tracy and Vacaville.
  • Q:  Where did the idea to open a location in Galt come from?
    A:  The Hausauer’s are Galt natives so, therefore, Galt was the next location they wanted to open in.
  • Q:  The new restaurants are bigger. Does that change the food or atmosphere?
    A:  Absolutely not. The food at all of our locations is just as delicious and the cheese skirt just as big. The atmosphere is just as fun and staff just as friendly.  You definitely know you are visiting the Squeeze Inn.
  • Q:  Are you opening any other locations?
    A:  We do have some plans to open other locations in the future.
  • Q:  Can you accommodate big groups?
    A:  Several of our locations can handle larger parties. Just call the location near you, and they will be able to tell you the size that thier particular location can accomidate.
  • Q:  Are you the same Squeeze Inn from the Food Network Show “Diner’s, Drive-in’s, and Dive’s”?
    A:  Yes we are.  Guy was kind enough to come and film our little burger joint.  He even added us to his book.
  • Q:  How did you end up on the Food Network?
    A:  Thanks to a letter from one of our great customers the Food Network decided to visit and film us.
  • Q:  What is the best time to visit?
    A:  Before and after lunch and dinner rushes there are usually fewer people waiting.  Saturdays are our busiest days so expect a little wait.  But the food is definitely worth it.
  • Q:  Where can I get a Squeeze Inn T-Shirt?
    A:  Our T-shirts are only available for purchase at the restaurants at this time.  While supplies last.
  • Q:  Do you have gift certificates available?
    A:  Yes, Gift Certificates are available for purchase at our restaurants.  Just ask us.
  • Q:  Do you have any online reviews?
    A: Yes, the Awards and Accolades section on the right of this screen has a link to a compilation of online reviews.
  • Q:  I heard about the lawsuit, is the Squeeze Inn going to close?
      No, the lawsuit was thankfully dropped. However, we still had to move for fear of further lawsuits. Our new Sacramento location is close to the original one.
  • Q:  How can I apply to work at one of your restaurants?
      Applicants must inquire about available positions and apply at the locations themselves. We currently do not have online applications available.

About the Food:

  • Q:  What is this unique cooking method I have heard about?
    A:  Our famous squeeze with cheese is made in a unique way. After cooking the patty on a flat top grill we cover it with a handful of cheese and the top of the bun before throwing a handful of ice chips on the grill and covering the whole thing is a hood.  The skirt comes out perfectly.
  • Q:  Where did the unique cooking method come from?
    A:  It was invented by the previous owners and handed down to our cooks when the restaurant was purchased.
  • Q:  I have never been to the Squeeze Inn. What would you recommend I order?
    A:  If it is your first time at the Squeeze Inn you must get the squeeze with cheese and fries.  You can try all our other menu items on your next visit.
  • Q:  What kind of ingredients do you use in your food?
    A:  All of our ingredients are fresh and of the highest quality.  Everything we put on the burger is just as important as the burger itself.
  • Q:  What if I don’t like Burgers?
    A:  We have other menu items such as a teriyaki sandwich, tacos, and even hot dogs.  Click on the menu tab and choose your desired location and see what you like.
  • Q:  What if I am a Vegetarian?
    A:  No problem, we offer a veggie burger.  Our Galt location also has a salad option.
  • Q:  Is my food cooked to order?
    A:  Absolutely,  we cook everything to order exactly how you want it.  It goes from the grill to you bubbling hot.
  • Q:  How long of a wait is it to get food?
    A:  The wait time varies depending on the location and the time of day. Your best bet is to call the particular location and check with them on thier wait time. If the wait is too long, you can place your order for pick-up. There may be a few orders ahead of yours, so check on that time as well. It may be easier and quicker to try another location. The food is definitely worth it.
  • Q:  Can I call ahead to place my order?
    A:  Yes. All of our locations accept phone orders. Thier phone numbers are in the “locations” tab.
  • Q:  I tried to call during business hours but the phone was never answered.
    A:  It just means we are really busy and the staff cannot get to the phone right away. Keep trying.
  • Q:  Can I fax or e-mail in my order?
    A:  At this time we cannot accept fax or e-mail orders.  This is something that may be available in the future.
  • Q:  Do you serve alcohol?
    A:  Our Napa location serves beer.
  • Q:  Do you serve breakfast?
    A:  Our Galt location does serve breakfast starting at 7am.
  • Q:  Do you offer a Kids menu?
    A:  Our Galt anWest Sacramento locations offers a Kids menu with smaller portions. At the Galt location there are crayons for coloring the menu.  The other locations also have some items perfect for our younger customers.

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